Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yahoo! Multi Messenger 10 Download - Login to Multiple YM Accounts

How to run multiple Yahoo! Messenger (multiple YM accounts) on the same PC ?
First, install 
Yahoo messenger 10
then download this: 
Yahoo Messenger 10 Multi Messenger (0,46 Kb)
it contains 2 
*.reg files...Install.reg and Unistall.reg

To make your Yahoo! Messenger 10 become Yahoo! Multi Messenger, simply double click Install.reg

Done! :)

I just installed Windows 7 and Yahoo Messenger 10 and wanted to use multiple instances like I did on XP with YM 9. 
If you're unsure if this is a virus and will corrupt your system or not, check it with your antivirus first (it's clean). If you're still unsure, right click on each file after you unzip them and choose 'edit' to see the contents inside. You can see it just changes one value for Yahoo Messenger in the registry so it's perfectly safe! The 'uninstall.reg' just changes the value back to the default. 

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